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Is Zoom Safe to Use? Here’s What You Need to Know.5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Zoom Anymore

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Trolls have crashed meetings, flashing porn or racist slurs on screens. Security researchers released report after report on newly discovered vulnerabilities including leaked emails and bugs that might have allowed hackers to access webcams. Zoom Chief Executive Eric Yuan said in a blog post March 27 that the company removed code that sent user data to Facebook in an updated version of the iOS app.

The company updated its privacy policy March 29 after a swell of concern from users. Technology and the Internet. A new law that will let you opt out of the online data economy goes into effect on Jan. Last July, security researcher Jonathan Leitschuh exposed a flaw that allowed hackers to take over Mac webcams through the app. The company fixed the problem after a public interest research center filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Thousands of personal Zoom videos were left viewable on the open web, including one-on-one therapy sessions, telehealth calls, and elementary school classes, the Washington Post reported. Several people identified in the videos told the Post they did not know how the videos made their way online. Experts say the company now seems to be making more serious efforts to identify and quickly patch vulnerabilities.

Zoom marketed its communications as protected by end-to-end encryption, which makes it, in effect, impossible for anyone, including the company itself, to spy on them. Recently, however, the Intercept revealed Zoom has been using a different type of encryption, called transport encryption, which enables the company to decode the content of calls.

That means the company could hypothetically be susceptible to pressure from government authorities to disclose communications, said Bill Marczak, a fellow at the Citizen Lab and a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley.

But reporters or dissidents under oppressive regimes, government officials discussing classified information or big companies that want to keep their business strategies confidential might want to use a more secure platform, Budington said.

The company announced it had removed the feature in an April 2 blog post. They can also record audio and video from meetings and save a record of group chats. Because Zoom is so easy to use, it has also been easy for people to exploit the app to sow mischief or chaos. As USC and local school districts transitioned to online meetings , they reported getting Zoombombed with racist taunts and pornographic images.

On Tuesday, Berkeley High School students were in the middle of a video conference when a man joined the Zoom meeting, exposed himself and shouted obscenities, the Mercury News reported. The New York Times found scores of accounts on Instagram and on Reddit and 4Chan message boards where users coordinated to share meeting passwords and derail Zoom meetings.

Generate a new ID for every meeting you launch using the options panel, instead of using your personal meeting ID. You can toggle settings to ensure meeting participants need a password to access the meeting, which will further protect from disruption. Beginning April 4 , Zoom enabled the Waiting Room feature by default, requiring additional password settings for free users.

Zoom has a guide to the feature on its website. You can switch off a host of features that could be abused, if needed, including private chats, file transfers and custom backgrounds. The annotation feature, for example, could allow trolls to draw offensive shapes. Zoom has a guide to host controls on its website. Keep your desktop app up to date, so that any patches Zoom makes to security vulnerabilities are added to your device. If you want to be extra careful, use Zoom only on a mobile device, such as an iPad or an Android phone, because these versions go through review in the app stores.

Zoom seems to think that its servers, acting as middlemen between users, count as such. Finding open meetings, which have IDs from nine to 11 digits, is relatively simple and has already been automated. Until a patch issued this week, the meeting ID would often be highly visible in screenshots.

Zoom says it has patched out many of the security flaws. The company has also turned on common-sense features , such as password-protecting meetings by default, to prevent Zoombombing. CEO Eric Yuan also published an apologetic blog post at the beginning of April, announcing a day feature freeze, shifting all development resources toward bolstering security.

The New York Department of Education has recommended that its schools find a new teleconference software to conduct classes with. Taiwan has banned the software from use in government over fears of Chinese spying. The documented security flaws of Zoom would require a high level of targeting and precision to fully exploit.

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› News › Security. Another issue is, there are a ton of fake Zoom apps around which are actually dangerous malware. In March, Kaspersky security researcher Denis.


Is Zoom Safe to Use? 6 Privacy Issues to Consider – Security flaws

› News › Security. Another issue is, there are a ton of fake Zoom apps around which are actually dangerous malware. In March, Kaspersky security researcher Denis.



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