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The following is a list of the current installers for the Zoom application and various plugins. Windows. How to download the admin desktop client installer · Go to the Zoom Download Center · Click on Download for IT Admin, and then click the Download button under.

News from iminer-chicl: Zoom installer parameters.Image Zoom Script – Installation Guide for Magic Zoom


You can use the following commands to create a verbose log file with details about the installation. The Zoom MSI installer has auto-update disabled by default. Enabling auto-update will not technically perform the updates automatically, however users will not require elevated admin rights to update the application when prompted to upgrade to the latest version. The Zoom installer has auto-start disabled by default.

This setting enables the Zoom application to launch everytime you startup Windows. The Zoom MSI installer has auto-start silently disabled by default. This setting enables the Zoom application to launch in the background everytime you startup Windows. The Zoom installer creates a desktop shortcut by default.

This settings allows you to disable logging into Zoom with either Facebook or Google authentication. Always make sure to test everything in a development environment prior to implementing anything into production. Remove Google login option. Remove SSO login option. Remove Email login option. Require fresh SSO login upon client start. Require fresh Google login upon client start.

Require fresh Facebook login upon client start. Keep the user signed in to the client when relaunched. Email login only. Defaults login to SSO. Use embedded browser in the client for SSO.

SetWebDomain, domain. Sets the web domain for logging in or joining a meeting. Enables login with phone authentication. Enables login with Alipay authentication. Enables login with QQ authentication. Enables login with WeChat authentication. Restrict the client to only join meetings hosted by the specified account IDs. Enable the option to switch between Zoom commercial default and Zoom for Gov. Require users to be authenticated before joining a meeting with the desktop client.

Require authentication on the desktop client to join any meeting on the desktop client. Require users to be authenticated before joining a webinar with the desktop client. Require authentication on the desktop client to join any webinar on the desktop client. Require internal meeting authentication. General meeting and client options.

Enable dual monitor mode. When starting or joining a meeting, the meeting window will enter full-screen. Set use of Always show meeting controls setting.

Always use PMI for instant meetings. Default to Portrait Mode upon opening Zoom. Disable the use of all closed captioning. Disable the use of manual, user-entered captioning. Disable the use of Meeting Reactions. Disable the use of Non-verbal feedback. Confirm before leaving a meeting. Display the length of time that the user has been in the current meeting.

Automatically mute the microphone, when the screen is locked during a meeting. Display reminder notifications for upcoming meetings. Disable receiving video. Disable sending video. Automatically turn off camera when joining a meeting. Use HD video in meetings. Enable mirroring of your video. Enable Touch up my appearance. Enable Adjust for low-light video setting. Set mode of adjusting low-light video feature.

Always show the video preview when joining a meeting. Hide non-video participants by default. Show self as the active speaker when speaking. Set max number of participants displayed in Gallery View to 49 participants per screen. Use hardware acceleration for video processing, when sending video.

Use hardware acceleration for video processing, when receiving video. Remove noise from video feeds during processing. Use hardware acceleration for video processing. Disable and remove the Computer Audio from the meeting audio options. Use the default system microphone in Windows. Use the default system speakers in Windows. Use the system default communication microphone for computer audio.

Use the system default communication speaker for computer audio. Enable Automatically adjust microphone volume audio setting. Set level of background noise suppression: 0 — Auto 1- Low 2 — Medium 3 — High. Enable the Original Audio setting for the microphone input. Automatically connect audio with computer audio when joining a meeting.

Mute computer audio microphone when joining a meeting. Set audio signal processing for Windows audio devices: 0 — Auto 1 — Off 2 — On. Screen sharing. Disable the ability to share your screen in meetings and webinars. Disable Aero mode when screen sharing on Windows 7 system. When viewing shared content, the content window automatically goes fullscreen. Show Zoom windows when screen sharing.

Use Side-by-Side mode when viewing shared content. Disable and remove the ability to annotate over shared screen. Enable the Share computer audio option when sharing.

Enable the Optimize for video clip option when sharing. Disable Whiteboard feature. Disable Slide Control feature. Disable the option to share your desktop when screen sharing. Disable Remote Control feature. Disable Remote Support feature. Allow remote control of all applications. Allow clipboard access during remote control. Set sharing option when sharing directly to a Zoom Room within a meeting: 0 — Show all sharing options 1 — Automatically share desktop.

Show all sharing options, 0. Silence system notifications when sharing desktop. Disable GPU acceleration. Set the screen capture mode: 0 — Auto 1 — Legacy operating systems 2 — Share with window filtering 3 — Advanced share with window filtering 4 — Advanced share without window filtering.

Use hardware acceleration to optimize video sharing. Zoom Phone. Prevent incoming call notifications while in a meeting. In-meeting Chat.


Zoom installation parameters –

Jul 07,  · Until our RMM vendor figures out what the problem is, I’m trying to uninstall so that I can do a clean install locally. I’ve tried to perform uninstall via Programs and Features and Cleanzoom. The path for the Zoominstallerfull. Even if the. Download Microsoft’s Fixit utility and you can remove it with that. I use it on problematic uninstalls. Jul 08,  · Zoom installer parameters – zoom installer parameters – Click here to ENTER. Explore products and tools for seamless collaboration across office and home working parametefs. Discover hybrid solutions. Discover new ways to use Zoom solutions to power your modern workforce. Jul 09,  · Zoom installer parameters Looking for: Download for Windows – installation and configuration of Windows in Zoom App – Zoom Guide. Click here to ENTER. Feel free to send a PM with meeting link -or I can send /txt one. This article will serve as an informative guide and give you a clear understanding of how to perform.



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