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Toggle navigation. We have been able to work together remotely on edit revisions in a way that could revolutionize our business. Miscellaneous Pacific Islands U. Microsoft Teams: Join a call or meeting with Microsoft Teams mobile app. With it, we were able to condense multiple different platforms and technologies into one simple solution. Having an East coast and West coast production office feels much more doable now. Here’s How To Do It.


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Invest in this robust Zoom Clone Application that allows customers to carry out cloud-based video conferencing seamlessly. With all-around features that are built to fulfill the needs of modern business, this app ensures efficient teleconference capabilities like never before.

There are many video conferencing solutions available out there. We know that you might be dilly-dallying about which would be the right team to work with. If we have guessed it right, then we might as well say, look further not. As forecasters of the video conferencing market, we know very well about future trends and adoption. Bearing in mind, we bestow the best video conferencing solution to our clients that contains all the bells and whistles needed to come out as the best product.

You can tell us your ideas, and our engineers will work their magic into creating a Zoom Clone app that thoroughly suits your business needs. Integrate and Launch! Zoom Clone is a cloud-based video conferencing solution that is used to host virtual meetings, chats and audio conferencing.

The app is pliant to be used for many use cases like webinars, business meetings, socializing with friends etc. The video conferencing platform is agile in functionality and robust to hold millions of users simultaneously without lags. You can build and launch a Zoom like video conferencing system without having to squander money. Our White-label video conferencing solution comes with everything you need in a complete teleconferencing solution. Here are some of the different functionalities that our cloud meeting software can provide.

Online Meetings Allow users to seamlessly interact with each other through HD video conferencing capabilities. It is an ideal solution for businesses that require remote connectivity between users in an efficient and timely manner. Webinars The video conferencing app can accommodate webinars seamlessly with a large number of attendees.

Conference Rooms A dedicated service for corporates, this video conference script provides efficient conference rooms that have the capability to share multiple screens and enable users to leverage their true potential. Users can screen data, visuals, and whatever they might need from a remote location in real-time. Global Phone Services Our Zoom clone script allows users to carry out high-quality phone conversations from the distant corners of the world.

With the ability to cater to instant user interaction, this is a huge boost for any enterprise. Instant Messaging A must-have solution in any video conference app, it allows users to stay connected by allowing instant messaging capabilities with those in their franchise group.

Screen Sharing The ability to share screens is highly important in many ways. Connect with your colleagues, employees, students, and more with the video conferencing feature that can be accessed on all personal digital assistant devices. Our white-label Zoom alternative offers an effortless way of setting up business meetings virtually from anywhere. No registration is required. Share the invite link with people to join your session or create credentials for restricted access.

Plan your meetings and share the invite link with the attendees beforehand with this feature. Set alerts to remind you and your attendees to host or join the meeting.

Share your screen with fellow attendees through this option. Be it videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Privacy is assured with our end-to-end protected system. Share videos from YouTube to make your video conferencing session more lively and interactive. This feature allows you to display YouTube videos directly rather than downloading it. Work together on a document with your fellow attendee by sharing it during a video conferencing session.

Write and update the document without any interference, i. Users can exchange messages instantly during a video conference or video call. They can also use pseudo names to text one another. The host can mute any one of the attendees or everyone in the meeting.

Only the attendees can unmute if they wish to voice their opinion. Record your meetings for future reference as well as for documentation purposes. Attendees can download only audio or both audio and video. It can also be shared with people who missed to attend the meeting. Attendees can convey their messages or ask questions by raising their hands. This way, everyone can stop speaking and listen to a particular attendee. It helps in engaging the audience through reactions.

You can blur your backdrop while you are attending a video call or video conference. Thus, you can hide everything going on in the background and let the audience focus only on you. Live stream your meeting on YouTube, Facebook, or other social media networks with our direct broadcast option.

It greatly helps in growing your follower base. You can stream these videos either for the public audience or keep it private that allows only people with the video link to access it.

In the modern business world, it is an absolute necessity for any business to remotely interact with their employees. With the ability to conduct remote meetings, teleconferences, webinars, and more, this Video conferencing app like Zoom increases productivity, the operational efficiency, along with allowing the management to relay information in real-time.

It is a great, cost-effective alternative to traditional ways of holding meetings that ensure everyone in an organization stays on the same page and can work together collectively in an efficient and streamlined manner. Invite Users Once the virtual meeting room has been created, other users can be sent an invite by sharing the relevant meeting ID.

Participation Once the meeting has commenced, participants can interact with each other through a variety of different ways including video, text, and voice.

Rating Users are prompted to rate the service provided at the end of the meeting and this feedback is used to further improve the quality of service provided.

Top-notch iOS App A high-grade application for both the admin and the user, that works smoothly across any of the Apple devices, frequently updated and available on the Apple store. Sturdy Android App A feature-rich and avant-garde Android app made extensively available for users and admins, which works flawlessly on any android devices constantly tested for fixing errors and improving performance.

Convenient Web App The users and admin, both can access all the features and functionalities of the web application from anywhere on any browser.

Superior Dashboard As an app owner, you can have the reigns over the platform with the powerful tools and comprehensive reports of the app on your dashboard. At times, they get to customize these IDs. Host Video Meeting Users can host video meetings through the web browser or the app.

They can share the meeting invite with other users. Join Meeting Users can join the meetings using the invite link shared by the host of the sessions. Schedule Meeting Users can schedule meetings in advance and notify other users, giving them time to plan. Real-Time Messaging Users can share links, documents, or any content with other users when they are in the meeting room.

HD Video Quality The meetings and webinars are conducted through high-definition videos without any interference. Record Meetings Users can record their meetings seamlessly in real-time if needed. Share Screens Users can share their screens for other users to view when they are hosting meetings or webinars. Create Subdomains Users can create subdomains in the platform using their organization name and other related details.

Alerts Users can set reminders to notify them about the upcoming meetings through emails or calendar alerts. Restricted Access Users can restrict access to only registered users and restrain or block unwanted users from joining the meetings.

Host Notifications Users who host meetings can get notified whenever a registered user joins the meetings. Intuitive Dashboard The admin can view and manage all activities taking place in their browser or app, using the powerful admin dashboard. Advanced Analytics Statistics, like the no. Manage Features The admin can add, remove, or manage the features integrated into the application, as per their requirement.

Multi-Payment Integration The admin can integrate multiple payment gateways into the app, allowing users to pay with the mode of their convenience.

Allow Subdomain Creation The admin can allow users to create subdomains with their respective organization names. Create Sub-Admins The admin can create sub-admin profiles so that the respective admins have only restricted access to the platform to manage a specific module. End-to-End Encryption The browser and the app are encrypted end-to-end, ensuring the highest level of security to safeguard the user data.

Easily Scalable Users can host meetings and webinars with up to 1, video participants and up to 10, view-only attendees. Note-Taking Users can take notes using the personal notes features available in the app while they are attending meetings. Set Virtual Backgrounds Users can change the background of their videos when they attend meetings or webinars. Touch Up Users can improve their looks on their videos using this advanced feature. It makes them look more presentable on the camera.

Such features make these sessions more interactive. Public Polls Hosts can create public polls and allow users to cast their votes for making informed decisions. Hand-Raising This feature allows users to notify hosts that they wish to voice their opinions by raising their hands. Report Generation Hosts can generate reports after the completion of each session for documentation purposes, with all meeting details.

Attention Indicator Hosts can get details of user engagement to access if they are paying attention to meetings or not. They will be notified when a user spends more than a limited time on other tabs. We offer fully customized Zoom clones that can be readily integrated into your business.

We ensure an efficient clone app that can be modified to fit the needs of your venture and can be branded to prominently feature your company logo, themes, and colors. No matter what your requirements are, we can provide you with a customized solution that can meet those needs in the best way possible.

Educational institutions can use our video conferencing platform to conduct virtual classes, delivering a more personalized learning experience for their students. Teachers can record their teaching sessions and share them with their students effortlessly for later use.

Students who miss the live session benefit from this feature to a great extent.


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Demoing appp mobile app zoom app demo real time is always a daunting experience and almost everyone agrees their mobile app is crucial to their demo experience and Zoom app demo prospects. While these instructions are specifically for Zoom, the instructions apply to most other video conferencing applications that also have mobile applications.

Instructions for other applications are included below! The mobile Zoom application will enable you to share your mobile device screen into a zoom call. If you haven’t downloaded the mobile app you can do so here:. The easiest way to do this is to simply join the Zoom call via your calendar application if a calendar invite has already been created. Otherwise you can type in the meetin Once you join the Zoom call from your mobile zolm, you will have 2 users on the call xpp are both you.

From the mobile device, you’ll select the dfmo to share your screen. Zoom app demo Start Broadcast and wait 3 seconds. Once the broadcast starts, you’ll see the top bar turn red and нажмите для продолжения see your screen shared on your computer. From there you could can go to детальнее на этой странице home screen and then dmeo any application deko you want to present.

Xemo for Android: Sharing your screen content or second screen. Microsoft Zoom app demo Join a call or meeting with Microsoft Teams mobile app. Skype: Share your screen via mobile. Demoflow is a sales enablement and presentation tool designed for sales teams.

Demoflow is built for sales teams to help you collaborate and crush remote sales. With over 12 integrations to the tools you use most, your team will be selling faster than ever. If zoom cloud meeting windows download zoom cloud meeting app 10 curious how Demoflow can increase collaboration and visibility across your sales team, you can sign up for an account here.

Log In. Here’s How To Do It. Use Zoom’s mobile application to share your app in zom time during a demo. Overarching Steps: Download Zoom onto you mobile device Start your Zoom call ap; from your computer Join the Zoom call from your mobile device Share your mobile device.

Related Posts. What is the best outline for a product demo. Larson Stair. A good /26893.txt to conduct a web based product demo. This week we xemo demo best practices from four of the top presales professionals in enterprise sales.

Three best practices to up your remote demo game. Three easy tasks to do every time to ensure you give your best remote product demo. The perfect demo flow to crush your remote demo. Here are the five steps that we take during every single product demo to ensure that we connect with prospects and move our deals forward.

Zoom app demo Demo Processes. Посетить страницу источник to best standardize your demo process across the sales organization.

How to change your demos based upon personas. How edmo product demos drmo change based upon who you’re presenting to. How to captivate attention abruptly during your software это download recordings from zoom думал. What to do when you feel like you’re losing your prospect on a demo.

I asked Peter Zoom app demo, veteran of SaaS zoom app demo and thought leader within the presales space, what is the biggest mistake you see software professionals doing on product demos and what is your best advice to solve it. Avoid “feature dumping” on your demos. Easy ways to segment your zoom app demo so you’re not “feature dumping” when showing the platform to your prospect.

In this /9451.txt post, I wanted to cover my personal best practices for посмотреть больше demos in hopes that you can take appropriate measures to conduct a sales demo that resonates with your prospect. Try Gondola Today.

There’s a better way to sell. Drop us a line at sales gondola. Zoom app demo Features Integrations. About Careers Contact Us. Pricing Blog Security. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.


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