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Meeting and webinar hosts can enable the built-in auto transcription as follows:. Once the live transcript is enabled, participants can enable closed captioning to see the automatically generated transcript during the live meeting. Before ended the meeting, hosts can download the live transcript. When the meeting ends, Zoom will discard the live transcription generated during the meeting, and will generate a new, post-meeting transcript as usual.

If you are using Zoom cloud recording, you can enable the Audio Transcript feature under your Zoom recording settings. This will ensure that a transcript file is stored alongside the recording.

If you are not recording and wish to save the transcript, you can enable the Save Captions feature under your Zoom meeting settings. Once the host enables the setting, all participants can see the captions either as subtitles in the meeting window as people are speaking, or as a full transcript in a side window. As the host, if your meetings are recorded to the cloud they will automatically generate a text file of the transcript with the recording.

To use this new feature, you must update your Zoom client software. You need at least version 5. Hover your mouse near the area labeled “Audio transcript” and a series of buttons will appear. Click the download arrow to download your transcript file in. VTT format. Once you’ve located the file, click and drag it into an open web browser window to display the text and timestamp information. If done correctly, your transcript will display as text in your browser and look similar to the screenshot below.

If you’d like to “print” your transcript as a PDF or Word document. Select your destination as Print to PDF or whichever option you would prefer.

Zoom Cloud recordings are stored for 30 days. Hosts can also transfer Zoom recordings to Yuja Media Management for long term storage and post-production captioning in multiple languages. Start your Zoom session. Turn Off Live Transcription 4. Subtitles 1. Transcripts 1. Disable Save Captions 1. Save Transcript 2. As a Participant Once Live Transcription is enabled by the host, participants have the option to choose how they want to view the auto-transcription feature.

Click Live Transcript to ch oose a transcript option. Show Subtitle displays subtitles on the screen. Subtitle Settings changes font size and other general settings. View Full Transcript displays subtitles in real-time with both the speaker’s name and a time-stamp within the transcript window. If you would like a copy of the transcript, click View Full Transcript and the Save Transcript button at the bottom of the transcript screen.



Zoom Live Transcription

The host must enable the live transcription feature during the meeting.



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