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ZoomText is PC-compatible only. If you encounter a screen similar to the one below, select Взято отсюда. A message box will appear that shows the progress of the download. Dlwnload Next on downolad InstallShield Wizard window. Select Install on the next InstallShield Wizard window to begin installation. After rebooting, select the Practice Test icon again to launch the specialized browser. Select Run All Required Checks. Select Ok for screen resolution check. Download zoom text Continue when all checks have passed.

Dwnload Continue on Test Taker Information screen. If you continue to experience problems with your installation, download zoom text Technical Support using one of the methods below.

Send a description of your problem to powerprepsupport ets. Territories and CanadaMonday through Friday, 8 a. ET except for U. Emails will be answered within one business day of receipt. To help us respond quickly and accurately to your inquiry, include the following information download zoom text your email:.

Go to this section and find the practice test should be at the top of the list and select “Go To Practice Test” download zoom text launch your downloax.

On the first screen of the practice test, check the box vownload testing accommodations for this practice test. If your accommodation s requires the installation of the Download zoom text Test Software you will be asked to provide your email address. The Practice Session Number and Passcode will be provided on the next screen along with additional instructions. If a security warning window appears, select Yes. Select Download zoom text on the Downloda Wizard window.

Find the Practice Test icon on your desktop and Run it. The following download status screen will appear. The following ZoomText installation status window will appear. On the next window, select Reboot Now. Select Yes if pop-up box appears magnified. The Accessibility button should be visible download zoom text shown on the zoim below. Attempt to install the software again.

Contact Information Send a description of your problem to powerprepsupport ets. To help us respond quickly and accurately to your inquiry, include the following /34011.txt download zoom text узнать больше здесь email: Description of problem Date s and time s of day s installation was attempted Browser type and version e.

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Full range of magnification levels up to 36x up to 60x in Windows 8. Levels include: 1x to 8x in steps of 1, 10x to 16x in steps of 2, 20x to 36x in steps of 4, and fractional powers of 1. Favorite Zoom Levels uses a custom set of user-defined zoom levels for zooming in and out. You can choose any combination of zoom levels to define your favorite zoom levels.

Smooth, bold and condense settings allow you to fine-tune the thickness and spacing of text for added legibility. With other screen magnifiers, the clarity of text is degraded in the magnified view. As a result, many fonts text characters are difficult download zoom text read, including small fonts, serif and italic fonts, and cursive fonts. All types and sizes of text are displayed with high-definition clarity, in all of your applications.

Больше информации Magnification xFont Magnification. ZoomText ZoomText follows along as you tap, drag and swipe your /7927.txt through all of your applications. Note: Requires a 5-point or greater multi-touch нажмите чтобы перейти. ImageReader comes with premium male download zoom text female voices for reading captured text.

You will have over 70 premium-quality voices for the most commonly spoken languages and dialects from around the world to choose from. Automatically speaks all program controls, including menus, dialogs, list views and messages. Three verbosity levels give you complete control over the amount of information spoken.

As you type text, use the mouse and navigate through your applications, ZoomText narrates and confirms each of your actions. Typing Echo Typing Echo allows you to hear the keys and words that you type. You can choose to have individual keys, words, or both spoken.

Mouse Echo Mouse Echo automatically reads text beneath the mouse pointer. As you move the pointer across the screen, single words or complete lines of text are echoed. Mouse echo is great for exploring the layout of your desktop and applications, or for spot reading in documents, web pages and email.

Program Echo speaks window titles, menus, dialogs, list views, and all other program controls as you navigate and use your applications.

As zoom app window or control becomes active, program echo announces its name and description, so you always know where you are and what choices are available. Program echo is your personal navigation system. Verbosity allows you to adjust the amount of information spoken by the program download zoom text feature. Three verbosity levels — Beginner, Intermediate and Expert — allow you to quickly increase or decrease the verbosity.

Beginner verbosity provides more information, while Expert verbosity provides вот ссылка information. Each of these verbosity levels can be fully customized according to your personal needs. NeoSpeech provides human-sounding male and female voices that are closer to the real thing than ever before English only.

ZoomText also includes classic TruVoice and Microsoft speech synthesizers. ZoomText provides a library of built-in speech synthesizers, providing a variety of male and female voices to choose from. The impressive ZoomText Voices provide human-sounding voices that are closer to the real thing than ever before. ZoomText offers a variety of tools for quick and easy reading of documents, web pages and email.

Each of these tools has unique characteristics that lend themselves to particular reading tasks. AppReader reads documents, web pages and email, within the parent application. As you enter and exit AppReader your view of the document does not change, providing quick and seamless transitions between document editing and reading. AppReader can automatically read through the entire document, or you can manually read by word, line, sentence or paragraph.

As reading occurs, each spoken word is highlighted. AppReader settings allow you to customize the appearance of word highlighting, including the highlight shape, size, color and transparency level. DocReader reads documents, web pages and email, in a special environment where text is reformatted for easier viewing. Text is presented in a single line Ticker or wrapped lines Prompterwith your choice of fonts, colors, word highlighting, and magnification level.

DocReader can automatically read through an entire document, or you can manually read by download zoom text, line, sentence or paragraph. The DocReader screen occupies the entire display with a toolbar at the top of the screen and the document text below it.

The document text is formatted and displayed according to the current DocReader settings. The ZoomText Recorder allows you to turn text from documents, webpages, email, etc. Recordings can be saved directly to a ZoomText Recorder playlist in iTunes or Windows Media Player and download zoom text synced to your mobile device. Each recording is created using your choice of ZoomText download zoom text or any other voices available on /3774.txt system.

Watch the video of ZoomText Recorder in action. You download zoom text select the text you want to listen to and press the Background Reader download zoom text, Background Reader begins reading the text while you go about other work. At any time you can pause and resume reading and skim download zoom text and backward by word or sentence. Watch the video of Background Reader in action.

Listen to one article while searching for download zoom text next. Simple to learn and use Promotes multi-tasking for increased productivity. Picture of the user interface. Reading zones let you instantly see and hear selected locations in an application window. For download zoom text your database application may display a dozen or more fields of information. In your normal work flow you may be interested in only a few of these fields.

Смотрите подробнее can create up to 10 reading zones for each of your applications. As you open and switch applications, zones defined for the active application are automatically loaded and ready to use. ZoomText reads any web page, in the proper reading order. You can read automatically or manually navigate by word, line, sentence and paragraph. Navigation keys make it easy to read while creating and editing documents. With simple commands you can read by download zoom text, word, line, sentence and paragraph, even while selecting text.

Each key or word that you type is automatically spoken. You download zoom text choose to have all keys spoken or only selected groups of keys. По ссылке Echo allows you to hear the keys and words that you type. Mouse Echo automatically reads text beneath the mouse /2471.txt. The SpeakIt tool allows you to read selected areas of the screen by clicking or dragging the mouse. A zoom window displays a magnified view of the computer screen.

You can think of a zoom window as a magnifying glass held in front of the download zoom text. A zoom window only displays a portion of the screen at any one time, but by scrolling its magnified contents, you can view any area of the screen. Each of these windows offer a unique way of viewing what is on the screen. Download zoom text any time, you can switch zoom window читать статью to accommodate a different download zoom text or application environment. Innovative color controls improve screen clarity and download zoom text eyestrain.

Special effects include color dyes, two-color modes and replacement of problem colors. Learn more about color enhancements. Size and color по ссылке make it easy to see the mouse pointer. Special locators make it easier to follow the mouse pointer and text download zoom meeting versi terbaru as they move across the screen. Makes it easy to locate and download zoom text the control focus when you navigate through application menus, dialogs and other application controls.

Navigating your applications and scrolling the view is always smooth and comfortable. Constrained mouse movement allows you to examine rows and columns, and keeps you within the active window. The ZoomText Camera feature allows you to use any high-definition HD webcam to view and magnify printed items and other objects right on your computer screen—including bills, magazines, photographs, medicine labels, craft items and more.

Save unique settings for each application that you use. As you switch applications, ZoomText automatically loads the desired settings. See photos as they were meant to be seen in Internet Explorer Locating what you are looking for download zoom text easier than ever with the new Finder Tool. Finder lets you search and skim through documents, web pages and email to instantly find any word or phrase you are looking for. You can search through all of the text or only within specific items like headings, forms, links and images.

The Zoom to 1x feature lets you instantly toggle between your zoomed-in view and the 1x view, without having download zoom text zoom out and zoom back in перейти на источник zoom level at a time. The new command keys also eliminate conflicts download zoom text compatibility download zoom text that existed in older versions of ZoomText. ZoomText has a brand new toolbar with a fresh clean look.

You can access and operate the entire toolbar with the keyboard or the mouse. Go ahead, drive it around. Hint… your magnified PDF documents never looked this good.

You can download zoom text and stop continuous reading or skim read by word, line, sentence or paragraph. You can also spot read blocks of text by clicking and dragging the mouse. So sit back, relax your eyes, and just listen. Download zoom text for:.



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