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Microsoft does not plan on offering Zoom with its products so it has no chance at compete. Visit the website www. Click the Download button under Zoom Client for Meetings to save and download the document. Microsoft Edge, a recent addition to the Windows Store, is the preferred browser for downloading the Zoom app.

In order to install this site as an app, search online, click on the ellipses at the upper right corner of the new MS Edge browser, select Apps, and then click Install Apps. In the Microsoft Store you will find Zoom. Check out Zoom for a free download here. Following installation of the Zoom application, the app is launched and users are taken to a meeting through Join a Meeting, when there is no sign-in needed.

Network with other Zoom users, and share your own product and industry insights. Get documentation on deploying, managing, and using the Zoom platform. Check out our new Work Transformation Summit page, and join our upcoming event to learn how leading organizations are building a smarter hybrid workspace for their employees. My laptop had a hardware problem which needed repair, so I was told to send it to the manufacturer. I sent it, and the disk was wiped and the OS was reinstalled. I got the laptop back and went to the Zoom website to re- establish my free Zoom account for a meeting which I needed to attend.

If this was a valid Microsoft charge then: 1 it should be mentioned at the Zoom website; and 2 Microsoft should appear as the merchant on the bank statement. So it was illegitimate. The charge happened before I re-installed my security software, and so the simplest explanation is that I picked up some malware on my laptop before returning to the Zoom website.

But how did the malware know to charge for Zoom? Is there some kind of malware which dynamically creates a false storefront based on the user’s attempt to do a free download?

Go to Solution. Thank you for looking into this for me. That tax is very close to the sales tax in my location. The user complied, and then the app was downloaded, and then the app in turn downloaded Zoom. The only problem with this theory is that there does not appear to be any sign of the multi-platform app on the laptop. I would doubt that this is a default behavior of Chrome, because if it were, then many people would be complaining about it. I would think that this kind of problem might be taken care of by internet security software which I had not yet installed at the time of the incident.

I looked on the laptop for the Zoom executable s and the Google Meet executable s. I found plenty of folders and files for Zoom, Zoom. Possibly the multi-platform app does not download either Zoom files or Google Meet files until it would need either of those groups, and I haven’t done any Google Meets since before my laptop was wiped and recreated, and so that’s why it does not yet have any googlemeet files.

It does have mail. So, either I did not download the multi-platform app; or the multi-platform app is lurking somewhere undetectable on the laptop, and will download the googlemeet files when I would try to join or host a Google Meeting. I think your idea that I must have bought the multi-platform app is the simplest explanation, but it is disconcerting to think of it lurking somewhere undetectable. Also, I still have the question of why the merchant listed for the transaction on my bank statement was neither Zoom nor Microsoft or Microsoft Store.


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The only problem with this theory is that there does not appear to be any sign of the multi-platform app on the laptop. They’re serious about it! Other apps will be zoom download microsoft store soon, just waiting for Microsoft Store /16704.txt to look at them mivrosoft checked that are fine. Visit the page.



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