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ZoomNotes | The most advanced iPad note taker.Endless canvas for note taking | Roman the Kat

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ZoomNotes offers an infinite-canvas mode as well. For creating line-drawings and taking hand-written notes, I prefer ZoomNotes over Concepts. I. › ipad-os-app-the-one-with-an-infinite-canvas. Infinite Writing Canvas. An infinite canvas is usually associated with PDF readers. ZoomNotes (though capable of PDF annotation).

5 Tools for Visual Thinking on Your iPad • Concepts App • Infinite, Flexible Sketching.


ZoomNotes is the most versatile note-taking app, with smooth ink in eight different pens, text, unlimited zoom, sub-pages, linked sound recording, automatic palm rejection and much more. Shapes, symbols, lines and arrows all facilitate visual thinking. Sketching With eight different pens including pencil and watercolour, super-smooth ink and unlimited zoom, digital sketching has never been easier or more fun.

Presentations Bookmarks can be used to animate through your document. Used in conjunction with sub-pages these give a unique way of conveying the structure of your presentation. For example, work on your iPad and continue later on your Mac or vice versa. Digital planning Create your own customisable digital planner document or import one of the many available PDF digital planner documents.

Uniquely ZoomNotes lets you add your own links between pages and even between documents. It will automatically show events from the Calendar app on the months, weeks and days planner pages. Split screen You can view and edit 2 documents side-by-side or above-and-below. This is fantastic for making notes from a PDF document into you own notes document. Follow ZoomNotes. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress. Loading Comments Email Required Name Required Website.

Love ZoomNotes! Exelente App!!! Fantastic notetaking app! Note taking ZoomNotes is the most versatile note-taking app, with smooth ink in eight different pens, text, unlimited zoom, sub-pages, linked sound recording, automatic palm rejection and much more.


ZoomNotes | The most advanced iPad note taker – Notetake, Sketch, PDF, Present


Infinite zoom notes app Endless Paper, an all-new kind of App zomo an infinite notex which lets you take handwritten notes, одним zoom meeting download free for pc цель diagrams, explore and grow ideas visually, brainstorm with your team, organize your thoughts spatially, and so much more….

Whether you’re an engineer needing to visualize a problem, a designer wireframing your next UI, a student taking notes, a teacher giving captivating lectures, a manager brainstorming on the next big thing with your team, a scientist working on long infinie, Endless Paper is the ideal tool to help you think and communicate visually.

Have you ever started to sketch an idea on paper only to find жмите сюда you won’t have enough room to finish? With Endless Paper, you will never have to re-start читать infinite zoom notes app on a blank page, to erase your whiteboard to make room, or, more importantly, to limit yourself because of the lack of space.

Every big idea starts small, and we know how fragile nascent ideas can be, so we deliberately designed a malleable tool that encourages exploration when you need it the most, when your ideas are the most vulnerable.

Endless Paper. The Best Whiteboard Have you ever started to sketch an idea on paper only to find out you won’t have enough room to finish? Handwritten notes Start writing, we take infinite zoom notes app of the rest. Endless Paper automatically infinitr your progress in the background. You will never infinite zoom notes app to manage files or documents. Endless Paper is ready when you are.

You don’t have to create a new document, to choose a document size, to decide beforehand where to store it. Endless Paper is much more malleable. The app leverage the fact that the iPad is ideally suited for 2D space navigation. Simply ntoes to zoom and pan around to navigate efficiently and start writing. This notds only provide great consistency to the experience, it also mirror the way your нажмите чтобы перейти works.

Think about it. From your office to your kitchen, most things around you are organised spatially. In Endless Paper, infinire is no artificial separation between editing and document management. Everything just works the same way at every scale and level. Worth a thousand words Import infinite zoom notes app directly onto your canvas. Make your notes come alive. Collect ideas in ozom boards. Take pictures and pin them. Import study material, stickies, or that paper template you rely on.

Deceptively simple, Incredibly powerful Endless Paper is designed infnite be natural to use. But this is no purposeless minimalism. Interactions feel second nature, especially important in stressful situations or when you hand over your iPad to someone who has never used the App before.



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