MATARAM – To go around Lombok tourism needed three days. North Lombok’s area package usually sale at one trip package. Kuta Tanjung Aan south of Lombok one package, basket tours another package and city tour. That’s tour route get choice to go round Lombok Island.

South Lombok
Usually Mandalika package added city tour program. These journeys start from visit city tour, that visit program to weaving industry (tenun ikat) at Cakranegara Mataram. Look at traditional market activity at Sweta market. In this market have sale handy craft like Rotan, pottery and woven cloth. And go to Banyumulek at west Lombok or to Penujak village, Sukarara as center songket woven cloth and Rembitan tradisional village at center of Lombok. After that’s continued to Kuta and Tanjung An beach at south Lombok area. In this beach is common chance for laying and enjoy in the beach while hot tropic weather. It is a pride if their white skin was change to brown color.

Sade, Rembitan village and Matek Maling at Ganti village at center Lombok we can see traditional house. These are still original building with all exterior design like alang-alang roof and rice barn. All of this purpose to maintain. Because this is as magnitude many people visit to go there. Another activity that can interest people to go there like prepares to weave activity, clean up and choice cotton to get weave. It is so special for people from western that can see anymore in their country. ”They are inspirited about their activity history in the old time,” Juvens da Gomez said. He is a young man from Maumere that had been four years as a guide person at PT Bidy Tours. He met lunch at a Kuta restaurant.

These package tours can joint share with group for get cheap price. About the price is many variations bargained. For two people Kuta-Mandalika package sale twenty five USA dollar per person. If alone more expensive that is thirty USA dollar. But this price is without lunch.

Kuta Mandalika area is wide about eight kilometers. In there have Kuta, Seger, Bunut, Aan beach. West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) government had been agreement to develop this area with PT Pengembangan Pariwisata Lombok (Lombok Tourism Development Corporation/LTDC) by management Rajawali Group. This agreement is following success of Nusa Dua Bali area that managed by Rajawali group also with Bali Tourism Development corporation (BTDC). Lombok area by LTDC area have wide more depend Nusa Dua Bali/ BTDC. The wide is wider four depend Bali.

At Lombok areas have designed will build thirty six holes at golf court. The golf court as one million USA dollars had designed by famous designer, Jack Nicklaus. Many hotels with five stars will build in there. For more support development this area new airport was agree build. The international airport plan at Penujak, center Lombok.

Beautiful view of Lombok just in Kuta area because at west area many beach can we see. Include this beautiful view are many cave. Close from Kuta beach we can visit Gale-Gale natural cave at Bangkang village just three kilometers.

This cave believes people in there as giant house in past time. As a Sasak traditional legend had a giant that from this Gale-Gale cave. This cave is very big. Wide is ten kilometer and the tall is fifteen kilometers. Gale-Gale cave have eight ways that connect each other. The More perfect atmosphere in there we can hear many bird song.

To get there is as a challenge. Not different like to hill up a mountain. Because the difficult for to entry the cave. The wall’s cave get nice sounds like bamboo sound when kick it. ”This cave is loved natural challenge,” Lalu Wirekarme said, as one of center Lombok tourism officer.

Three kilometers from Gale-gale cave there are Mawun beach and Selong Belanak beach and Tebuak Are Guling beach. This beach know well have many beautiful fish and easy to catch them. All beaches have white sand.

Tebuak Are Guling wide about two kilometers and have akik stone that best quality for accessories. This stone became change as Suiseki stone with unique model. The changer because along time get sea wave. ”To see it we just have limited time, only at five to six am. And must walking to get there,” Wirekarma said, he is a Suiseki fans.

North Lombok
Lombok tourism object have best place for diving activity. That famous one of is three Gili Island object at West Lombok regency. Gili is mean little island at Sasak language. In there have Gili Trawangan Island, Gili Meno Island and Gili Air Island. These Gili Island all of white sand and have beautiful view coral at under sea. Gili Trawangan more visited people than both island else.

Because of this make Gili Trawangan more crowded because many people at there. At Gili Trawangan have many cidomo (traditional car transportation). Whereas Gili Meno and Gili Air more quite and that’s way many people choice this place cause the calm situation.

In day time at all beach is as foreign island because many people from many countries lying down sunbathe at the beach and many women in there without bra. About this at Lombok have anecdote many ”sumur” (susu dijemur. Susu is breast at Indonesian; dijemur is dry in the sun).

To go these islands must cross by motor boat from Bangsal Pemenang harbor at Tanjung regent about twenty five kilometers from Mataram. In there have motor boat public transportation By Wisata Bahari local corporation management.

Through diving sport we can see many fish at under sea like shark (not dangerous type), sometimes if lucky we can see shark group while sleep in their house deepest at eighty feet under sea. They have eight shark of one group. Beside it any sponge point also with variation model.

Much type beautiful fish have in Gili Meno Island like Napoleon, Kerapu, Manta, turtle and etcetera. Napoleon fish can see at May to June. This fish is Japanese favorite.

Another choice of tour is Lombok land cruise it is German favorite. Route this tour is round to North Lombok start from Senggigi beach to north Lombok at Bayan last that village at Rinjani Mountain society. In Bayan visit Wetu Telu society at Senaru village.

In Senaru have Singang Gile /Sendang Gile waterfall also. Tall is about thirty five meters two stacking waterfall. In this area is feel fresh air from waterfall action. From the waterfall smooth can to healthy therapy for backbone. This waterfall location is about one kilometer from gate. The ticket enter this location is two hundred rupiahs per one person.

To get Sendang Gile from Mataram we must through Baun Pusuk (Pusuk pass) at six hundred meters altitude sea’s surface. In the Pusuk pass many monkeys that can see. These monkeys have many groups. They are not disturbing each other group.

Another object after this waterfall is masjid watu telu (Islam waktu tiga/Islam three times) at Bayan Beliq/ Big Bayan. According grow up Islam history at Lombok hat Bayan society to get Islam not yet perfect.

From Sendang Gile the journey can to go ahead to east Lombok regent. The tour is to trace all beaches at north Lombok to go Obel-obel village. This route gives beautiful view about beach and Rinjani Mountain and than look for traditional house in there. Came in Labuhan Lombok have view a bout traditional house else that have tall house (Rumah panggung) like at Sumbawa Island.

According Juvenus (guide person) information this view is Germany favorite. Because in here can see more beach and they have stay at German is mountainous environment area.

Another unique view at east Lombok is many variation view although this location is not far away each other. For example field rice is close with dry rice field. The differences phenomenon is near away between wet and dry location. This have at Gondang area and Tanjung area at north Lombok at west of Rinjani mountain. And same condition at Pringgabaya east Lombok. About this condition any comment if it is not common phenomena.

The next object after at Labuhan Lombok is Selaparang’s cemetery at Pringgabaya. Selaparang cemetery is Selaparang kingdom cemetery area. In there any archaeological remains have the shape of Gajahmada footprint. The footprint is twist depend normal footprint now. Gajahmada is a hero from Majapahit kingdom at Java. Sasak legend was told that Gajahmada was to climb Rinjani Mountain with about one thousand his soldier. They are go by boat to Ampenan harbor. This time is Majapahit the prime life. Sometimes the tour program head visit to Lemor tourism forest just moment after to this cemetery.

This route is visit many handicraft location like basket and braid center at Loyok village. And if have much time will come for view minute to Koko Putik waterfall. Another handicraft place is Ketak and bamboo and rotan braid at Beleka village.

From Senggigi first is to Narmada Park and go on to Titibatu village at east Lombok. Go ahed to Selong as east Lombok government head city to Tajung luar. In there we get fisherman housing. Tanjung luar is one of fish market center at Lombok. This fish market is many fish variation have, like squid and shark.

After go there the journey continued to Beleka village by Keruak village. Beleka is more popular as braid handicraft center.(supriyantho khafid)


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